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SHR # 1390 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Ketone Supplements Decrease Tumor Cell Viability And Prolongs Survival Of Mice With Metastatic Cancer ::

Super Human Radio Show

Guest: Rob Regish - Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

Which Fat Loss Supplements Are Available In The UK - Liver And Kidney Protection - Short List Of The Best Adaptogens In Brazil - Can Existing Subscribers To The BP Bulletin Get Discounts - Is 225 Mgs Of ECGC Enough - What Does "Take On An Empty Stomach" Really Mean - Plus More - PLUS The BP Tip Of The Day - PLUS Ketogenic Diets have been shown to have therapeutic effects when treating a variety of cancers. Metastatic cancer is the most aggressive and leads to death in humans. Dr. D'Agostino's group took mice with metastatic cancer and looked at the survival rates and tumor cell proliferation while supplementing with ketones. The results are very promising.

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SHR # 1389 :: Effects Of Raw Milk On Lactose Intolerance PLUS Glyphosate Found In U.S. Mothers' Breast Milk ::

Super Human Radio Show

Dr. Christopher Gardner - Zen Honeycutt

It has long been purported that raw unpasteurized milk contained the enzyme lactase and thus people who are lactose intolerant can drink it without any incidence of GI distress. Dr. Gardner looked at this assertion to find out if this is in fact the case. PLUS Honeycutt is the founder of Mom's Across America. Her organization orchestrated the the collection of breast milk from members and tested it for traces of glyphosate - the herbicide in Roundup. What they found is nothing short of shocking.

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SHR # 1388 :: Casual Friday ::

Super Human Radio Show

Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

The Show That Almost Didn't Happen - Children Rebel Against School Lunchroom Slop - Childhood Obesity Radio Show Call-in - The Every-Other-Day Diet - Run Olga Run -12 Bizarre Examples Of Genetic Engineering - Blame It On The Cow Farts - Congressman Mike Pompeo Is An Outright Corrupt Shill For The GMO Movement - How Many More Studies Do We Need To Show Tamiflu Doesn't Work - Boulder Colorado The Fittest City In America Again - Top 10 Healthiest Counties And USA And UK Are Not Even Close - Another Reason Not To Eat Tilapia - Eli Lilly Knew Actos Caused Cancer: Fines Are Not Enough.. Someone Needs To Go To Jail - 10 Surprising Facts About Asparagus - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments - PLUS Yet Another Winner Is Announced To Get 4 Boxes of Quest Bars

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SHR # 1387 :: What Makes Olga Run PLUS The Confusion About Dairy ::

Super Human Radio Show

Guest: Bruce Grierson - Jordan Rubin

Saying that Olga Kotelko is aging well is an understatement. At 90+ years old she competes in track and field events as an elite Master's level athlete. Grierson wanted to know if it was a genetic gift or the results of lifestyle choices Olga has made. His book combines what we learn about Olga and science that validates her results. PLUS Dairy gets a bad rap from just about everyone today. Why is that? Some science shows that dairy is linked to various disorders. Other's say that dairy is manna from heaven. What is the truth and why?

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SHR # 1386 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Reversing Arthritis And Pain Naturally ::

Super Human Radio Show

Guest: Rob Regish - Gary Null

Regish answers listener questions: Rob's Top Sleep Aids And Why - Should BCAA's Be Cycled - Isn't The Science Behind Ecdysterone Bunk - So You Want To get Into The Supplement Business - Is Slow-Sate Cardio Really The Best For Burning Fat - Does Anacyclus Pyrethrum Really Work And How - The BP Tip Of The Day: Body Weight Training Plus Static Holds For Super Human Strength PLUS Arthritis and pain management are hot topics today. Null has been an health advocate since the 60's. Producer of numerous documentaries and a NY Times best selling author, his works have helped millions of people. His new book stems from a clinical trial that shows that both arthritic pain and widespread pain from a variety of myalgias can, not only be managed but, be reversed through diet, supplements and exercise.

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SHR # 1385 :: Melatonin Supplementation As An Anti-Aging Therapy For Age-Related Bone Loss PLUS Aging Induced Endoplasmic Reticulm Stress Alters Sleep And Sleep Homeostasis ::

Super Human Radio Show

Guest: Dr. Faleh Tamimi - Adel Moussa - Dr. Jini Naidoo

I originally did a show in 2007 proposing that Melatonin was the single bast anti-aging pill for pennies a day and re-aired it in 2012. You can find it here. Now this study continues to show the truth in that. Dr. Tamimi discusses how Melatonin supplementation influences bone mineral re-absorption leading to stronger thicker bones in the elderly. PLUS Adel Moussa joins us as a surprise guest to talk about the use of a Light Box with Melatonin to establish a healthy rhythmicity that leads to better sleep. PLUS Dr. Naidoo's group may have discovered how to help the elderly get better sleep as well as reduce many of the diseases associated with improperly folded protein buildup like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Diabetes.

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SHR # 1384 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Super Human Radio Show

Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

Mexico Trip Recap - Triclosan In Mouth Wash - Food, Food And More Food - Get With The Papaya - Gentlemen Prefer Bodybuilders - Celebrity Weight Loss: J Lo Turns To Crazy Tracey Anderson To Fix Her Backside - Valerie Bertinelli Wants Publicity For Losing Weight But Not for Gaining It Back - How Weight Gain Changes Your Personality - National Public Radio Lies About Safety Of HPV Vaccine - Bayer, Syngenta Sue The European Union For Not Agreeing To Poison Bees - Bees Need Water Too - Why Milk And Cream Make Tea And Coffee Bad For You - Move Over BMI.. We Have ABSI - Excessive Joggers Die Sooner - Marinate Your Meet In Beer To Reduce Carcinogens - More Evidence Glyphosate If Causing Chronic Illness - Who's Really Behind That Organic Product - Soda Industry To Push Back Against Tax In California - One Bad Night Sleep Causes Same Damage As Blunt Force Trauma To The Brain - Big Pharma Wants Children On Statin Drugs - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments - PLUS New Winner Of 4 Boxes Of Quest Bars Announced And It Might Be You

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